1.  Good Sportsmanship

2.  No Profane or Threatening Taunting

     (Even Spectators)  (Enforced by ZPD – Assault & Battery)

3.  No Glitching (replay may be used to determine)

4. 4 Minute Quarters played on All-Pro/All-Star

5.  No Excessive Pausing

             a. You will have 5 minutes before game to set audibles

             b. Any pause at the ½ way mark requires the use of a time-out

6.  Report any issues to a Tourney Blast Employee

7.  If game freezes, we will determine how long  you have left, score, and possession

8.  Take care of equipment and don’t complain about it.
     (Enforced by ZPD – Criminal damage to
property) Feel free to bring your own controller.

9.  Have a BLAST!!!! Win or lose, have fun, even though  prizes are at stake. 


Violators of any of the above rules may be asked to leave & forfeit game