1.  Good Sportsmanship

2. Contact your opponent to schedule game. If both sides have attempted to contact each other, default game must be played by the day before advance at 7 p.m. CST. If not, person who is on at that time gets the W. 

3. No trades with computer teams

4. Trades between user teams have to be within 5 point rating level. Example: 90 rating can be traded for an 85 rating

2.  No Profane or Threatening Taunting

3.  No Glitching (replay may be used to determine)

4. 5 Minute Quarters played on All-Pro/All-Star

5.  Report any issues to a Tourney Blast Employee. Take Screen shots

6.  If game disconnects, we will determine how long  you have left, score, and possession

7.  Have a BLAST!!!! Win or lose, have fun, even though  prizes are at stake. 


Violators of any of the above rules may result in a forfeited game

and or removal from the league without refund